Welcome to the Emergency Nursing Association
British Columbia page

Emergency Nursing Association British Columbia (ENABC)

The ENABC was founded in 1975 to meet the growing demand for a professional group that supports the Emergency Nursing specialty within the province of British Columbia.
The group’s purposes are:

  • To support and maintain a high standard of ethics, integrity, credibility and education in the specialty of Emergency Nursing
  • To promote collaboration among nurses working in the field of Emergency Nursing
  • To research and communicate matters of mutual interest
  • To provide a voice within the profession, to outside bodies and to the public recognizing the specialty, professionalism and value of Emergency Nurses

The Board of Directors is elected from the general membership of the Association. They represent the people from numerous areas, who’s work may include emergency nursing situations ie: emergency departments, forensics, clinics, rural nurses, etc…

Directors are required to commit sufficient time to assist the business of the Association, to attend meetings, participate in the management and planning of the organization.

The areas of general responsibility are:

  • To carry out the policies of the Association
  • To make decisions with respect to hiring and firing staff/contractors
  • To make decisions on appointments of members, volunteers or other persons as required
  • To monitor and review financial and other business operations of the Association
  • To keep the general membership informed
  • To act as a planning body
  • To act in accordance and comply with the Societies Act of British Columbia and any other statute or legislation which may apply to the running of the Association
  • To approve new members when required
  • To perform special tasks or projects as required
  • To perform other general duties in the operation of the Association
  • To attend workshops, seminars, conferences and other functions on behalf of the Association and provide verbal or written reports as determined by the Board of Directors

The success or failure of any organization depends on the ability of the Executive and Board of Directors to make decisions that reflect the best interests of the organization; its goals and objectives. We feel this requires common sense, a clear focus and the capability of planning for the future.