Our annual fees were changed from $45.oo to $50.00 effective immediately. We also added a temporary one year Director of Education (Edie Zdrodowski) to look at courses available throughout the Province, TNCC, ENPC and EPICC to ensure we have course availability and resource ability to go forward to provide courses to maintain learner certification. We will review the position in 1 year to ensure it’s need going forward where at that time we will call for election of individual. We also changed the Bursary criteria from 2 years to 1 year. We added a third representative to the North Zone and changed some wording for South Zone Representatives. North Zone West is Ashleigh Malarczuk, North Zone Central is Edie Zdrodowski and North East Zone is Roberta Salter. Edmonton Rural is Mary Toronchuk and Edmonton Urban is Geri St. Jean. Central Urban is Carolyn Way and Central Rural is Tanya Gilchrist. Calgary Urban is Trent Moser and Calgary Rural is Carley Flaws. South East is Hunter Antal and South West is Jennifer Davis. Congratulations to Jennifer Davis who is President-Elect effective July 1, 2020 and Christopher Picard who is Communications Officer effective July 1, 2020. We also purchased two Stop the Bleed kits and information to come out in newsletter on how to borrow a kit.

Hope everyone is staying warm and getting ready for the holidays.

Dawn Peta