National Course Administration Committee (NCAC//ENPC/CATN/CTAS Updates

May, 2014

By:Margaret Dymond

NCAC Chair (out Going)

 NCAC Newsletter May 2014

The new email address for NCAC is:


NCAC Changes

NCAC Eastern Representative needed:

TNCC and ENPC Instructor Recognition Awards 

TNCC Instructors in the News!

NENA Website- NEW

TNCC 7th Edition course rollout in Canada

Course Applications and Approvals

NENA membership required for all TNCC/ENPC/CTAS instructors

ENPC 4th edition news: (Update, April, 2014)

French Translation progress : ENPC 4th edition/TNCC 7th edition:


Course for Advanced Trauma Nursing (CATN)

 NCAC has a Twitter feed….@NCAC3