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NENA-AB has been a Specialty Practice Group within CARNA and the Canadian Nurses Association since 1987. NENA-AB (formerly known as ENIG) is Alberta’s chapter of the National Emergency Nurses Association Canada (1981): a professional association of Emergency Nurses from across the country dedicated to quality emergency care.

Our mission is to represent the Canadian Emergency Nursing specialty; improve standards of Emergency Nursing Practice; and promote both professional growth and clinical excellence in Emergency Nursing. NENA has published Position Statements and Standards of Emergency Nursing, a resource used by nurses, administrators, and in the legal system.

NENA-AB endeavors to improve communication among Emergency Health Care Providers. We are a resource on Emergency Nursing and are a voice on issues that affect Emergency Nursing. We actively support and participate in research pertaining to Emergency care and promote best practice.

NENA-AB is open to any nurse (RN or LPN) who is directly involved Emergency nursing care, (practice research, administration, and education). Emergency nursing can be provided in a hospital department- rural or urban, Urgent Care Center, flight nursing, forensic nursing, outpost or remote nursing. Only Registered Nurses may be voting members of our organization and hold elected offices. Current membership of NENA –AB is greater than 230.

The membership fee for NENA-AB is $50 per year. This fee activates membership in both NENA-AB and NENA.

The benefits of membership in NENA-AB are numerous. Members receive a subscription to the Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing (CJEN) and a provincial newsletter 3-4 times per year. NENA has a website that is currently being redesigned and will be up and running in the near future. This promises to be a great resource and will have links to NENA-AB as well the other provincial groups. It will be a great venue with which to network with other Emergency nurses, not only across our province but nationally.

NENA-AB also has a Facebook page. We are continually striving for improved communication amongst Emergency health care providers. Membership also provides reduced costs for courses that are regulated by NENA: TNCC, ENPC and CTAS.

NENA-AB and NENA both offer annual bursaries which are available for any educational pursuit affecting your practice in Emergency Nursing, including support for Certification in Emergency Nursing (ENC (C)) through the CNA. To be eligible for a bursary or an award, membership must be current for 2 and 3 years, respectively. NENA has an Award of Excellence, an Award for Research and Lifetime Awards that are available.

NENA-AB willingly supports, and is available to support education throughout the province. We have a wide variety of experts with presentations, as well as monetary support is available if requested.


For an explanation and schedule, see all National NENA courses.

Below is a list of other courses and educational workshops in your region.


NENA and NENA-AB hold annual conferences and Annual General Meetings. Registration costs for these are reduced for members.

Access official information about NENA-AB

The NENA-AB Board of Directors and assigned program managers develop and approve a wide range of policies, positions, educational material, and administrative processes. These are captured in PDF documents and are accessible on this page.

Some documents are unavailable and are currently being updated and approved by the Board and will be available soon.

Contact the Board President or Secretary if you are looking for a document that cannot be found on this page.


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