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      Good Morning,

      I am working with one of the Health Services Managers responsible for one of our Emergency Departments within Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA). The focus of the work is to review the current staffing model used in the ED. I would be interested in hearing from you with respect to the following questions.

      Practice Context: Emergency Department (ED)

      Area of Focus Under Review: Patient/Nursing assistant roles used within your ED.


      What is your nursing model? For example do you have RN and LPNs employed in your ED?

      a) If you have a patient/nursing assist role in your ED what is the name of the role? b) Approximately how long has the role been in place?

      What types of duties/functions does this role perform?

      What is your planned staffing for this role (e.g. how many would be on days, nights, do they work weekends, do they work 8 hours of 12 hours)?

      What area(s) of the ED do they typically get deployed (e.g. do they typically get assigned to a section of the ED that has admitted patients awaiting an in-patient bed and/or would they get assigned to other areas)?

      Do you have any other assist roles? If so, what roles would that be?

      a) What has worked well with introduction of the assist role? b) What areas of the role introduction required more attention and/or improvement?

      Would you be willing to be contacted if we have further follow-up questions?

      Thank you for your time.

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