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      Blaire Fowler

      I would love if a rural nursing emergency course was available. A lot of times there is only 2 staff members on nights so when something comes in, your it. I have taken the ENPC and TNCC courses which were both great for those specific areas. I have taken ACLS, and Lead II courses regularly, Rural nurses has such a stigma for being long term care, slow, or the hospitals don’t know anything but to ship off the patients to tertiary centres. What they don’t realize is the patients will send have to be stabilized before we send them, We do not have teams to call on when things get crazy. I would love a course to be developed that touched on the systems assessments but done with focus on what to look for when the patient comes in not looking hot. Also if there were tricks rural settings could use to make possible diagnosis, such as using a glucometer to test drainage from there ear to see if it is cerebral spinal fluid (that came from an instructor in a TNCC course). This course would be a great refresher for nurses who perhaps are changing areas, and a good course new graduates wanting to get into the emergency. We have lost so many nurses when our hospital became an integrated facility because our long term care nurses were not comfortable working in the emergency department. Just something to think about…

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      Fraser Mackinnon

      I haven’t personally taken this course but have heard great things. The CARE course run in BC.
      Comprehensive Approaches to Rural Emergencies


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