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Job Description ICAC Representative | Description du poste Représentant ICAC

OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE International Course Administration Committee In an effort to streamline the management of courses administered by NENA and to adhere faithfully to our contracts with course owners and developers, the NENA Board has restructured our National Course Administration Committee.  No longer will a single committee be tasked with administering the Canadian EPICC courses […]

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Nomination Form | Formulaire de Proposition d’inscription

** Denotes required fields | Indique les champs obligatoires. Date:** 1st Nominator | Nom du 1er proposant: ** Email | Courriel: ** Affil.|Filiale: **ABBCSKMBNBNLNSNTNUONPEQCSKYT/IND 2nd Nominator | Nom du 2e proposant: ** Email | Courriel: ** Affil.|Filiale: **ABBCSKMBNBNLNSNTNUONPEQCSKYT/IND As voting members of the NENA, we nominate | En tant que membres votants de l’ANIIU, nous [...] Continue Reading »