Dear NENA Members, Ebola is on the minds of all health care workers. You can hardly listen to the radio, go online, or turn on the television without being bombarded with news and mounting statistics regarding the deadly Ebola outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), EVD has killed almost 4500 people worldwide […]

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TNCC/ENPC/CATN/CTAS Updates – May 2014

National Course Administration Committee (NCAC//ENPC/CATN/CTAS Updates May, 2014 By:Margaret Dymond NCAC Chair (out Going)  NCAC Newsletter May 2014 The new email address for NCAC is: TNCC NCAC Changes NCAC Eastern Representative needed: TNCC and ENPC Instructor Recognition Awards  TNCC Instructors in the News! NENA Website- NEW TNCC 7th Edition course rollout in Canada Course […]

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