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New Brunswick Emergency Nurses Association (NBENA)

The New Brunswick Emergency Nurses Association (NBENA) was founded in 1988.
The objectives of the association are:

  • To help establish improved standards of emergency nursing care.
  • To promote/ improve communications and opportunities for the exchange of ideas within the Emergency care field.
  • To promote, support, and participate in formal programs of instruction in Emergency Nursing care.
  • To encourage the development of and participation in, courses in Emergency Nursing care.
  • To act as a cohesive group in making recommendations to NANB, government and schools of nursing.
  • To define and regularly review the expanding role of the Emergency Nurse.
  • To promote prevention of illness or injury and to aid in the development and implementation of prevention programs.
  • To encourage NBENA members to achieve National (CNA) certification.
  • To actively seek membership representation and participation throughout the province.
  • To provide financial assistance for on-going education in the field of Emergency Nursing.
  • To promote Emergency Nursing research.

Get Involved
The New Brunswick Emergency Nursing Association (NBENA) is actively seeking new members. We are also seeking members interested in furthering the interests of Emergency Nurses in New Brunswick by being part of the NBENA Board of Directors.

Interested in helping out? We’d love to hear from you!

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For an explanation and schedule, see all National NENA courses.

The Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is offered several times per year in both official languages by the New Brunswick Trauma Program. For registration form (Word Doc), click here.

The Emergency Nurses Pediatric Course (ENPC) is offered in the spring and fall at the Saint John Regional Hospital. In the future, ENPC will also be offered at The Moncton Hospital.

The Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) Education program is offered at several facilities throughout New Brunswick.

Below is a list of other courses and educational workshops in your region.


See list below for more information about conferences in your area.


Access official information about NENA-NB

The NENA-NB Board of Directors and assigned program managers develop and approve a wide range of policies, positions, educational material, and administrative processes. These are captured in PDF documents and are accessible on this page.

Some documents are unavailable and are currently being updated and approved by the Board and will be available soon.

Contact the Board President or Secretary if you are looking for a document that cannot be found on this page.



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Thanks for your interest in the Emergency Nursing Association – NB.

We’re here to assist.

We are a volunteer run organization with an elected Board of Directors. The Board appoints a number of volunteers to manage various aspects of our organization. If you have questions or input please contact the appropriate individuals listed below.



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