The week of Oct 5th to 11th, celebrates Emergency Nurses Week, with Emergency Nurses Day being held Wednesday, October 8th 2014.  This week is designated annually to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that we bring to our job. Emergency department nurses across Canada and the rest of the world will receive well-deserved recognition for the work we do.

“Life Saving Hands, You make a difference”.  This year’s theme recognizes that emergency nurses play an integral role in emergency departments across our nation and internationally. 

Emergency nurses are at the forefront of emergency care. We are commonly the first face a patient sees when entering the healthcare system, and frequently the last face a patient sees when leaving. As sobering as this thought is, we are often the only face the patient will remember.

 We chose to be emergency nurses because this is a job that is never boring.  We thrive on daily demands for rapid decision-making and receive satisfaction from uniting critical thinking with compassion in the care of our patients and their families. 

 Our energy, excitement, and passion for our patients compel us to return to the job day after day.  Our love of what we do and team spirit among our peers keeps us there year after year.

 We care for patients from birth to death, trauma rooms to middle-of-the-night vigils, humorous to tragic, great outcomes to profound disappointment; every day brings new challenges.

 The key message is: Through research, education, quality care and nursing advocacy, Emergency Nurses Associations (no matter where you live) support and honor the advancement and professionalism of emergency nurses. (ENA 2014)

So please take a moment during this week to join your colleagues, nurse managers, administrators, CNS’s, NP’s, educators, flight nurses and other emergency nurses across the country as well as the world to celebrate Emergency Nurses Week.  You ALL play an integral role in delivery of safe patient care.

So for this week be engaged with your colleagues and participate in activities that enhance visibility of our profession. 

This year’s theme goes beyond the exceptional care emergency nurses provide to patients it also extends to the leadership and helping hands nurses lend to fellow nurses they mentor.

 Thank you for the job you do.  YOU make a difference every day.

 Janet Calnan

President NENA