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    Pat Mercer-Deadman

    A survey has been sent to all NENA members. What else can we do to increase our membership and make NENA valuable to our members??

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    Leah Chesney

    As much as I’m not a big computer person, this website needs a big re-vamp. It is very hard to navigate and near impossible to find what you’re looking for. I think if there was more hype about Nena in the ERs that would be a good thing. Right now I thin most people only know about NENA because it helps get them a discount on a course.

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    Mary Robertson

    Using twitter and Facebook! Regularly posting where we all look (and where everyone else is having all the good conversations)! I just sent off a message saying I would be happy to live tweet and update Facebook during the conference. If it looks active, it means we ARE active

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    Brooke Summers

    I think would be great to do some more advertising! Website revamp and send out for education via online! Check out (ENA) for some examples!! 🙂

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