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    Stephanie Carlson

    How many nurses are required to wear white uniforms? Is this a standard in your province or agency? For nurses whose agencies require you to wear white, are they providing your uniforms or giving you an annual uniform allowance?

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    Sherry Stackhouse

    Hi Steph,
    We do not have white uniforms anywhere within Vancouver Coastal Health. Staff can use icky old wrinkled blue uniforms that look like you just rolled out of bed. No annual uniform allowance.

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    Sharron Lyons
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      Sharron Lyons

      It has been years since my employer paid for or supplied a uniform to staff. Therefore most staff wear whatever they want, mostly pediatric prints or pastel colors. It is my opinion that white lab coats/ white uniforms are more likely to frighten the children then a print.

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    Jamie Stewart

    NS was the first Province to increase Nursing Identity in the workplace by having RNs in NSNU wear White tops and black bottoms. The Employer pays $120 per year toward the uniforms. It has been well accepted by the public and the workforce.

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    Gale Allen

    I have been working in New Brunswick for 18 years. As a casual, I was wearing white top black pants, to increase RN visibility, and following suit with NS. The last 8 months I returned to full time bedside nursing and have bought 6 new white tops. Our province does not supply a uniform allowance. My next tops will be print. Gale

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