This is your opportunity to assist NENA in formulating a definition of what Emergency Nursing is.  NENA welcomes all people interested in emergency nursing to be members or associates but our newly passed by-laws require directors to be working in emergency nursing practice. We therefore need to define what is Emergency Nursing to establish qualifications for directors.

Selection of the committee will be based on the following criteria, but not limited to:

` NENA Member

`available for conference calls

`available to devote time to working on the project from July 16-30

We invite NENA members to submit their applications, we are looking for 4 members to join the committee, if we receive more than 4 applications we will randomly draw 4 out of the group.

Deadline for application is July 15, 2017

Applications to be submitted to

NENA relies on its members to shape the direction of our association. Your contributions are invaluable and we thank you for all your support