Dear NENA Members:

The Public Health Agency of Canada has recognized the need for a Community of Practice for disaster first receivers (CofP). They have approached the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness and asked us to design this community. The idea is to create a virtual place where there can be discussion groups, education, research and generally a meeting of minds and sharing of resources.

We need your help in two ways.

As a first step we want to survey a small group of potential stakeholders in this community and would appreciate your input. We need to define what roles the community should fill, who are at the stakeholders, what kind of activities it should generate and what resources should be available to its members. The survey is very short (five minutes).

The survey can be found at:

Information you provide will be kept confidential and stay with CEEP. Only aggregate information will be used in the next stages of developing the community.  Please take a few moments to fill this out as soon as you can. Further if you want to send it on to somebody else who’s input you think we should hear then by all means feel free to do so.

Next step will be promoting the community itself. The more members are involved and the more diverse the membership the better it will serve the disaster community.

This CofP could be a very important push forward in the Disaster communities across Canada. We cannot emphasize enough the importance in having your involvement.

Thank you again!!

Daniel Kollek, CEEP and the CofP Organizing Committee