errorYou’ve reached this page because you’ve clicked on a legacy link in an email you received that suggested your NENA membership is expiring.

If you have renewed your National Emergency Nurses Association membership on the new website, your payment has been recorded and you are a member in good standing of NENA. You may go to your membership profile and verify your membership status by signing into the website, clicking on MEMBERS in the Navigation menu, and then going to the tab which says, UPDATE MEMBER INFO. This page will show your provincial affiliate, your fees, your last payment day and your next renewal date.

Nurses who had membership in the National Emergency Nurses Affiliation are receiving reminders from the old National Emergency Nurses Affiliation website. All efforts by the previous webmaster and the current web administrators have been unable to find the background program that is still generating these erroneous messages. When you pay on the current website, that transaction is not communicated to this historical program, therefore it is doing its job and reminding you that your membership is expiring.
These annoying messages will occur briefly but are inherently self-limiting.

Thank you for your patience as NENA continues to seek the source of this problem.
Please ignore these messages and accept my apology on behalf of NENA for these inconvenient emails.

Stephanie Carlson
NENA Communications